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Jordan Douglas Brown

Filmmaker and Director

About Jordan Douglas Brown

Jordan Douglas Brown is a Los Angeles-based writer/director working in the film industry.

Storytelling has always been Jordan’s passion. And even from a young age, he would find himself entertaining the room with one of his improvised tales. His father was a successful lawyer, and Jordan seemed to take a natural storytelling flow from his teachings. But while his family wanted Jordan to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a lawyer, Jordan knew his passion lay elsewhere. Eventually, his love of storytelling translated into a love for filmmaking.

After graduating from University as a double honors student in both business and film-studies, Jordan Douglas Brown quickly enrolled at the prestigious Vancouver Film School and moved his life across the continent to begin learning his chosen craft. Here, he specialized in directing and producing. Jordan specialized in both the writing and directing programs at the school, and his first short film, Temporality, was selected by the administration to spearhead their global marketing campaign into Shanghai, China for their new, state-of-the-art film studies campus.

Upon graduating the Vancouver Film School, Jordan wrote and directed his first feature film as a final project. Captive was the first feature shot by students in the school’s 30-year history. Jordan ran an online crowdfunding campaign to fund the film, and raised over $55,000 from hundreds of supporters across North America. After posting the film’s trailer online, international distributors approached Jordan in hopes of gaining rights to secure and sell his first film.

In the years since, Jordan Douglas Brown has developed into a professional and award-winning screenwriter. Screenwriting has always been the part of the filmmaking process that Jordan enjoys the most, and alongside writing, Jordan also consults across a wide range of projects in both film and media.

Jordan sees this industry trending toward a focus on digital and internet media. He also takes great pleasure working on adaptations and finding powerful stories to convert into television and anthology series. This site will serve as a running thought-train on Jordan Douglas Brown’s personal travel through the professional film industry.


Gone Tomorrow

Five years after taking the fall for his younger brother, a tormented ex-con flees parole to find his kidnapped baby niece. One step ahead of the police, and one behind an unraveling criminal syndicate, he must once again sacrifice everything in the name of family.


Captive follows John Rancour – an aging, corrupt detective on the run for murdering a fellow police officer in cold blood. With enemies on both sides of the law wanting him dead – rancour has no choice but to seek help from the very man that exposed his crimes and sent him into exile – journalist Tyler Chase.


Twin sibling killers move next door to the man who murdered their mother…only to discover a predator is not so easily turned into prey. 

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