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Any nature lover contemplating a trip in the United States should consider Oregon and Washington, along with the Canadian province of British Columbia. The Pacific Northwest is a spectacular area with beautiful forests, impressive mountains with towering peaks and a rocky coastline with fjords and islands. This area also has modern cities in which there are a myriad of brewhouses and delightful arts and music venues.




Oregon is both a wild and cultural state that has many points of interest. Lush fields of wheat and many varieties of planted vegetables can be seen. Oregon also produces hazelnuts, many berries and fruits, such as pears, plums, cherries and apples. The state’s resplendent landscape of farms, forests, mountains and beaches offers tourists many pleasing, spectacular and unusual sites where they can go rafting and skiing at different times of the year. One fascinating site is Crater Lake and the national park. Crater Lake is fascinating as it is an ancient caldera of a volcano in the Cascade Mountains that was formed from a volcanic eruption. There are also many forests and beautiful parks with spectacular waterfalls. The rivers hold salmon and other game fish. Tourists can stay in lovely and relaxing resorts on the coast of the Pacific Ocean where they may occasionally spot a whale and enjoy many pleasant days of sunshine and hiking. For the young members of families, Portland has a zoo and a Children’s Museum. There are also coffeehouses and breweries and unique restaurants that adults can enjoy.




The Cascade Mountains divide Washington state into two parts. On the west side, there are damp forested areas; on the east side, there is irrigated farmland. Among other interesting sites is Mt. Ellinor and Mt. Rainier, the tallest volcano in America. A ride on Crescent Lake provides many beautiful and interesting views. The Olympic National Park and Hoh Rain Forest Park are also captivating, along with nearby Mt. Ellinor. The Seattle Space Needle, built for the 1962 World’s Fair, offers a panoramic view of the city and a clear view of the Cascade Mountains. In the Future of Flight Aviation Center, tourists can see how Boeing jet planes are assembled. There, too, helicopter and balloon tours are available. In the evening, Seattle has local breweries to visit, or tourists can visit music and arts scenes in a bohemian atmosphere.


British Columbia


From Washington, tourists can take a quick boat trip to the beautiful port city of Vancouver, British Columbia. There are sight-seeing tours, underground train tours, a mine museum and panning for gold. Vancouver has become popular in the film industry, as many movies are filmed there due to cost and scenery. Another city to visit is Victoria, located on Vancouver Island. You’ll enjoy museums, English-style pubs, hiking trails, gardens and more. 


From skiing to surfing, there is plenty to do in the Pacific Northwest at any time of the year. There are a number of national parks to “peak” your interest as well as major cities with plenty of cultural activities. If you are looking for a unique area to visit, check out the Pacific Northwest!